So, it's been over a full week since the new year began. How does it feel? 
Have you been keeping up with your resolutions so far? 
If not, don't get down on yourself, but at the same time, don't give up! Try starting up again, and keep up the good work, either way (whether it's keeping going or starting again). 
Thus far, I've been doing alright with my list, I think. Maybe I haven't followed it to a t, but I don't want to overwhelm myself and get discouraged. Instead, I'd like to praise myself for what I've done. Surprisingly, I seem to head more for the goal when I do this.
It might be just me, but I feel like I've been talking to some family members and friends quite a bit this week. Grant it, many of those reached out to me first which made it much easier, but it still feels great to be in touch! Love it!

My classes have just begun, so I'll check out that school work resolution right after posting this blog...I actually already started, but there's more to do! I just need to focus... I've pretty much always been a procrastinator.

Food & Exercise
Biggest accomplishment so far. I've been using the myfitnesspal app every day so far since the new year, and although I ate pretty unhealthy last week, I'm doing much better this week. It really had been helping realize what I'm putting into my body, and making me think twice before I grab that huge second helping and add on unneeded snacks. As for the gym: Woo! I've made it at least every other day! (This doesn't include New Year's Day. I mean, come on.) I'm not doing anything too insane just yet, but just the fact that I'm going pumps me up.  
  I haven't really worked on a art project this week, but have been playing DrawSomething with Dan & a few other people. That works for now. It's fun, interesting, and sometimes just plain funny. 

Btw: That is an evil squirrel to your left. Yes, squirrels are all EVIL! (Story for another time if you don't already know it. Just remind me.)

Annnddd, this is the belated blog for the week. I had to share some updates. So yeah, I'm missing some things, but let's remember: don't worry too much, and be positive about your resolutions.
The miracle isn't that I finished. 
The miracle is that I had the courage to start.
- John Bingham
Many people are creating resolutions around this time of the year. 
What's the point?, I thought a few days ago. It seems like a silly idea to "start over" when it's all the same life. Shouldn't we be trying to set goals all the time? Well, yes, probably, but the New Year is definitely a good way to set a date to start doing what you hope to do. So, in celebration of the new year, I've decided to create a resolutions list to hold myself accountable. Maybe you all can help me out with that...Have you made yours yet? 

In 2013, I would like to...
1. Contact family & friends from home more. Whether it's via text, phone, Facebook, video chat, etc. I would like to reach out to my loved ones more often. I find that it puts me in a better mood. For example, my dad & little brother recently called me through Google video chat on my phone & it made my day. :) 
2. Dedicate more time to school work. Let's try for 5+ hours working on school work per week, or at least reading if it's in between classes. By doing this, I'll be less stressed when it comes to the due dates, and the end of the class when it's time for a big paper & I feel like I have no idea how I'm going to write it...
3. Eat better. A good start would probably be to eat less butter, cheese, & drink less soda. I have no idea. I'm horrible at nutrition. Any small easy guidelines that you would suggest? Ooo. I know. I'm going to start using MyFitnessPal app again. That will help open my eyes to what I'm putting in my stomach. And no, I'm not doing it to lose weight, so I don't want to hear it! I just need to start eating healthier. Speaking of that...
4. Exercise more. I was doing 3-5 days a week a few months ago, and I can do it again. It made me feel healthier, more awake, and added more confidence to my day. The C25K helped me out with this before. It's a fun app that I can listen to music while I walk/jog/run on the treadmill or outside & it's more of a realistic goal-achieving device. It gives great motivating quotes & tips. 
5. Write more
Let's start off slow...especially with class starting up again. At least one blog per week, and maybe sprinkle in a letter and journal entry or two while we're at it. 
6. Increase savings/ Spend more wisely. Eat out less often, pack lunch more for work, and stop talking myself into reasons to spend money. You can always justify spending a little extra on yourself for some reason. (I worked so hard... so eating out a few times this week will be a reward...ugh.) Let's put it into the savings instead.
7. Yes, get involved. Before moving to Arizona, I had a job that required a lot of my time and didn't pay much, but it was one that I enjoyed. It helped push me out into the community and I felt like I was making a difference. Plus, it might be something I want to do for my future career. I'm not sure specifically what to do yet, but I need to volunteer or something. I want to help the community in some shape or form, but in order to do so I need to make an effort and take that 1st step.
8. Create more art/craftsSometimes I get down on myself for not being able to force art/an idea, and sometimes I just don't feel like I'm good enough to do it, but either way, it's something that I enjoy. 
I should try to have fun with this more often. 
My little monkey isn't perfect, but he was a fun creation.
9. Worry less often. Our lives are so short, yet we worry about the littlest things. Of course I still will & I'm guilty of this just about every day, but at least I am aware, which is the first step. After that, work on things that will help me to relax and deal with stress in healthier ways, and take it from there.

10. Because I feel like I need an even number: For this one, I'm going to try not to beat myself up if I get behind on something, and take it slow. Otherwise, it will probably make me feel bad about myself and just deter me from continuing my resolutions. Be positive and encouraging. 
What resolutions do you have for 2013? Do you have any suggestions for me for mine? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)