Boo! Didn't think I'd be back, huh? Remember when I said I wasn't much of an intense blogger and this was just for fun? I suppose that's why I was gone for about 3 months. I'm not the best role model for keeping routines. A perfect example is how I enjoy many things, but only consider myself "okay" or "mediocre," I have conflicting interests, and that's just who I am. Maybe one of these days I'll be an expert on something, but for now I'm just doing what I'm doing. 

Actually, one of the big reasons I haven't been keeping up with this as I originally planned is because of school. I'm currently in my Masters and if I try working on other projects, it's extremely difficult for me to get any required work done. It's bad enough I have trouble keeping up as it is sometimes. It's a hell of a lot of reading. I enjoy reading, but not forced reading. Bleh. Anyways, I handed in my last assignment, so I feel kind of free right now...for now. At least for two weeks. I'm going to try not to think about that right now. 

So, is it much of a surprise that I didn't keep up with my resolutions? Again, the routine thing. I think a lot of people are right, with it being a fad and possibly overrated, but it was fun for a little while. 
1. Family/Friends: I've been keeping in pretty good contact with some loved ones, but could always try more. Google+ and Facetime are awesome. Last Sunday, I talked up a storm! :)
2. School: I probably spent 5+ hours on school work per week this whole time without even tracking. I didn't have much of a choice. I was still a little stressed and missed some things here and there, but I passed...I think. I probably shouldn't jinx myself when I haven't seen the grades!
3. Food: I haven't been keeping track and I definitely cheat a lot, but I eat much healthier (overall) than what I used to. A little less butter and salt, and a little more veggies and fiber. I have Dan to thank for this craziness.
4. Exercise: This routine has pretty much vanished. One night was all it took. One night of staying up most of the night for a paper, and my routine was knocked out of the schedule. I suppose I should jump back in soon, but it's just so hard to wake up even earlier if you don't have to. I know: excuses, excuses. 

-- Okay, okay...Next week? haha! Oh, boy.
5. Writing: I'm in school; I've been writing plenty.
6. Saving: So, sometimes we still splurge on food, but we're packing lunch quite a bit, & thanks to Dan we have amazing leftovers after delicious dinners. Yes, not to make you jealous, but I have a great chef here in my own home.
7. Get involved: I might not be a volunteer somewhere just yet, but I am getting more involved with church, and when there's a food drive, Dan & I make a shopping date out of it. It feels good to help in some way. 
8. Crafts: I doodled once, and recently made a birthday card for my boyfriend's mom (she likes chickens/hens). 
I need more of this creative action in my life.
9 &10. Worry less/ Be positive: 
I'm working on some simple stress relief techniques and trying to be more positive.
Surprisingly enough, simply breathing (deeply) is a great exercize. Give it a try: click here.
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